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Guidelines at KNS


Community is one of the fundamental values ​​of KNS and for us, a good community requires inclusiveness to each other. Being part of KNS therefore means that you are part of a community where there must be room for everyone. You find yourself in an environment composed of different dancers, with different personalities, styles, ways of expressing themselves, ethnicities, backgrounds, and perspectives on life and dance.

We agree that not everyone can be equally good friends with everyone, but at KNS it is important that everyone respects each other as we are. For us, respect for each other is rooted in a love for our fellow human beings, and we therefore expect you to:

Takes into account others inside and outside the gym.
Recognizes the boundaries of others.
Greetings when you come to training.
Say goodbye when you leave training.
At KNS, we want an appreciative (learning) environment, as we know that recognition promotes both personal and dance development. We therefore emphasize that both teachers and students praise and acknowledge each other for the unique things that we are each good at. For us, team spirit is important and this is whether we are for training, joint events or competitions. We are, as mentioned, different personalities, but we want an environment where everyone is a team player and remember that we are here due to our common love of dance. We support each other as a unit, and for competitions, we back each other up and cheer on each other no matter what team we dance on or what position we get.

With community as our cornerstone, we do not tolerate bullying, harassment, or other condescending behavior. Neither for trainings, dance camps, social events, workshops, or on our social media. We treat each other with respect. Always remember to be positive and accommodating towards the other dancers and teachers inside and outside the studio.

At KNS, we talk and communicate nicely with each other, to each other, and about each other, this applies to both children and adults. We expect both dancers and parents to support this and that we as adults are role models and show the children how we talk and talk about each other nicely and properly.



Video, photos, social media, and promotion

Being part of KNS means that you (or your parents, if you are under 18) agree to be filmed and/or be photographed for trainings, workshops, dance camps, and social events. By being part of the dance studio, you or your parents agree that we may use videos and photos of you to promote the dance studio on flyers, brochures, posters, or on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. For separate concept videos, you will need to sign guidelines for exactly that concept, as well as what the video is to be used for.


The role of coach and parent

When you enroll your child, it is important that you agree that it is the coach’s responsibility to teach, dance and lead. As parents, you should not try to influence how the teaching takes place, how the dance is choreographed, what music we dance to, or other things. It is the coach’s responsibility and this should be respected, as it gives the teacher negative energy if he or she feels that parents or dancers oppose or do not respect him/her.

It is okay for parents to come into the studio, but it must be with a positive spirit. Eg. to drop off / pick up his children or possibly ask practical questions about things that are in doubt. But not to influence what the teacher does, to highlight his own child, demean other children, or the like. We only want positive energy, positive children, positive parents, and generally a positive environment.



It is important to show up on time for teaching. We expect the dancers to show up well in advance, no later than 10 minutes before the start of teaching, so we are ready to get started when the class starts.

All dancers are expected to respect the teacher and listen to what is being said. At the same time, we expect not to talk, interrupt or otherwise disrupt teaching unnecessarily. Relevant questions for the choreography, steps, etc. are of course always welcome.

For training, please bring the following:

  • Shoes for indoor use
  • Water bottle
  • Your good mood
  • If you have a telephone with you for training, it must be on silent and must not be used in the class unless the teacher has given permission for this.

We look forward to a dance season with a common focus on dance.



I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the content of the rules and guidelines for KNS and that I will abide by them. If they are not complied with, you will not be able to participate in the team, and thus the collaboration ends. No dues or other payments will be refunded if the cooperation ceases due to non-compliance with rules or guidelines.


Fortunately, at KOMERA NEZA STUDIOS we can still continue to teach dance to all teams with dance students under the age of 21. This concretely means that you can still get to dance classes, as you normally do, as there is still a meeting ban of 50 people for sports activities. In contrast, in the case of adult teams, with dance students over the age of 21, there may be only 9 participants including the dance instructor.


From THURSDAY 29 OCTOBER 2020 TO JANUARY 2. 2. 2021 EVERYONE IN THE 12-YEAR-OLD SHOULD WEAR BUTTERFLIES ON THE DANCE SCHOOLS COMMON AREAS We do not dance wearing the bandage, and therefore you are allowed to remove the bandage when you enter the dance studio. You can also remove the mouthpiece when sitting down. The café at KNS in Aarhus is reopening due to this rule from the face masks. Observe the applicable guidelines for distance and disinfection of hands.

In addition, we would like to remind you of the already applicable Corona rules at the dance school:

  • Wash or spray your hands when entering dance school.
  • Avoid gathering close in groups while waiting for the class to start. Sit down
  • on a chair or something instead.
  • Avoid handshakes, kisses, and hugs.
  • Cough or sneeze into the sleeve.
  • Keep distanceParents are welcome to pick up and drop off their children, but get as close to the start of the class as possible. Do not go in with your children. For those who come a long way, it is perfectly fine to wait for the dance school while the children dance. However, with a good distance and a face mask on if you are around the dance school’s common areas. When sitting down at a distance, you can remove the face mask.

If there are changes along the way from the authorities in relation to face masks, collection bans, etc., we will of course correct and keep you updated.

We hope you will help us with this so we can help each other get through this period as smoothly as possible